Meat bought four super huge burger, Mega Mack

I took up earlier.Although it was a big echo McDonald 's limited - time release product "MegaMac", it is on sale today from January 12th, so I bought it immediately.

It is a huge burger whose meat is 4, but it is a waste to eat as it is, so I tried stacking four pieces of meat and 16 pieces of meat before eating it.

The picture of the impact meat 16 pieces burger is as follows.
At the shop front is the letter "MEGA MAC".

Flyers were also mega-mac. By the way, while waiting, other guests ordered 4 mega macs for some reason why the clerk panicked.

package. The character of huge "MEGA MAC".

I opened it and tried it side by side. We are already experiencing collapse by our own weight.

The whole picture is like this. There are really 4 meat. Even so, it is thick.

I tried stacking up. Meat of 16 meat? It is Mac.

I gradually started to tilt with weight. I have to manage somehow.

Megamacs that became scraps ....

16 mega meat that collapsed? I tried eating it back to the original shape somehow, but the taste really did not change from Big Mac. It really is only 4 meat. However, the volume is extraordinary, it goes without saying that this one will be full of stomach.

Moreover, it is difficult to hit the thickness of too much, the extraordinary difficulty, moreover, the bottom buns is weak, the whole thing gradually collapses, the tool got out and the hand got dirty and it got to be chapped. Other patterns include the buns in the middle going backwards and backwards and collapsing, eating while you are eating "the castle in the sky castle Laputa" the last scene, meat and vegetables falling down and down . Both were masterpieces.

However, since you feel satisfied after eating it is incredible, you might as well try trying once.

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