A bicycle lift that can climb a slope without difficulty

It is said that it was installed in Trondheim in Norway in 1993. Unlike a bicycle escalator like that in Japan, a small footstool will come out when you press a button, so put your feet there and climb the slope at 2 meters per second. It seems to be quite dangerous to step on, but it seems very useful.

Details are as below. It is written on the signboard that it was made for the purpose of increasing the number of bicycle users.
YouTube - Bicycle Lift in Trondheim, Norway

It seems that it is necessary to pay a key card for 100 yen per year (about 1900 yen) for use. There seems to be a free rental key card for tourists and others.

The official site is here. You can watch movies and pictures.

Trondheim is the center of academic centering around universities and 90% of students who are close to 30,000 are using bicycles so they installed it in anticipation of demand.

Usage other than bicycle in photo collection of official site Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 3. Is this good?

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