A sample of how far it can be shaped with photo retouch

A lot of beautiful girls appearing on the cover of magazines and posters, good news for those who are telling "Haa ~" when they see ay. If you have photo retouching technology you can solve it. You can check easily how much it is corrected, corrected, shaped and shaped.

Details are as below.
Glenn Feron - The Art of Retouching

For exampleThisIn case of putting the mouse on the image, the image before retouching will come out. You can see well that the protruding meat in the chest is corrected exactly.

ThisIn case of hips or waist, and even the direction of the foot has been corrected.

Here are the versions you listed.

Fav images @ wannabepoet.net

The cover of this magazine that this person actually took charge is below.

Glenn Feron - Work


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