Comparison image of enormousness of all spaceships that appeared in science fiction movies

Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, 2001 An image comparing the size of a spaceship of a type such as a journey like a space travel. It is said that even larger huge spaceships are stupid than the Borg Cube which looked pretty huge when in the play ... ....

Details are below.
The comparison image is this.

Comparison.gif (GIF image, 2000 x 2000 px)

The original story seems to be information on the following site. I know a lot of sizes and it is quite funny.


Star Trek Minutiae >> Sci-Fi Starship Size Comparison

There is also a similar type of image in the famous SF MMO called "EVE Online".

Image: Eve chart.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

You can download movies from the following sites.

[CJ 2005] Posted the latest promotional movie of SF MMO "EVE Online"

It might be interesting if there are games that can manipulate all spacecraft freely with this quality.

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