Baby star ramen "Yuzu Ponzu taste" "Tamara taste" is tasty

Previously this collaboration product with GourNavi,Baby Star Ramen "Yuzu Ponzu Taste" "Sesame Taste"When I took up, I was insecure because I did not have so good memories of the yuzu flavor chips I ate so far, but when I tried eating it, I was surprised by the goodness of its flavor.

Details are as follows.
An introduction to "GourNavi" collaborated this time on the back.

Accessible from mobile phones with QR code. A campaign to receive a ringing tone is also being implemented.

I put them side by side. The left is "Yuzu Ponzu Taste" and the right is "Dumpling Taste". It looks exactly the same.

Although I tried eating, both of them are very high in completeness. The person of "Yuzu Ponzu taste" is a smell of solid Yuzu, although it smells smoothly when put in the mouth, because it contains not only Yuzu but also ponzu, because of the mouth while eating The taste will change in.

Even those who are "tomato taste" are faithfully reproducing the taste of truly rare, and it is very delicious coupled with fragrant odor. It was a taste that I wanted some rice.

I was a bit uneasy about changing chips, but it was a surprisingly wonderful chips.

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