Collision accident movie in which a railroad thrusts into a trailer stopping at a railroad crossing

I often hear the case that a car got stuck at a railroad crossing and became an accident, but I do not see a movie introduced from now on an accident for that reason. A huge semi-trailer carrier comes in at a railroad crossing and a train comes in there. Even though the train is visible, he is entering a railroad crossing or pushes a car coming from the front. What a messy thing ....

The playback of the movie is from the following.
Even if the breaker is not descending, it is a large trailer that enters the railroad crossing even though the train is approaching. Result The train collides with the trailer, causing a collision accident involving other cars.
YouTube - Train crashes into truck

The train collided with the trailer that had stopped in the railroad crossing. It is a collision at a slow speed, but the appearance of the trailer being dragged by the train is a bit shocking.
YouTube - Train Vs. Truck

While the alarm and horn are ringing, the train collided with the trailer gently, breaking through the loading platform. It seems that there was no choice but to stop there because there was a signal just across the railroad crossing.
YouTube - Train smashes into truck

When a passenger car stopped at a railroad crossing, a trailer appeared from the other side and forcefully entered a railroad crossing. A freight train comes in from there. It seems that the trailer is full of cereals, and powder is dancing fluttering.
YouTube - Train Versus Truck

Case in Japan. It is a test or something, and a lot of staff are watching. It is easy to understand that railroads are less effective than brakes.
YouTube - Car vs train

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