That "Line Rider" will be released in Wii and Nintendo DS in the spring of 2007

Even the GIGAZINE picked up several times, the popular "Line Rider" is finally released in Wii and Nintendo DS. beforeArticle written about Line RiderAmong them, "Would not it be like software for Nintendo DS, but it seems pretty impatient ... but what if it really says that ... if I wrote it ...".

Details are as follows.
According to InXile, revealed that InXile Entertainment acquired the right of Line Rider and is planning to be able to issue it with Wii and Nintendo DS around the spring of 2007. I am looking forward to what kind of things it will be finished as adding new elements to what was on the net. There are already various modified versions and there are things added such as lines to accelerate and lines to draw backgrounds, but it is fun to be one that incorporates them.

Besides, Line Rider seems to have seen more than 15 million times, seen on September 23, 2006, and 11 thousand movies published on YouTube. I only thought that it was a while ago, only three months have passed since the release.

The announcement of InXile is as follows.

InXile - Linerider Home

Below are the versions that have released version with eraser, background line, acceleration line etc. added.

Line Rider - The Biggest Unofficial Update For Line Rider - Home Of Line Rider ZaDa

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