Web cameras best 25 for 2006

It is a collection of selected webcams by EarthCam introducing various live cameras. Is it because there are quite a lot of cameras that photograph the animals because it is more interesting to have some moving objects. Please beware that some cameras are dark at the time difference.

Details are as below.
EarthCam - 25 Most Interesting Webcams of 2006

The following 25 cameras were selected this year.

BABY TIGER CAM(Tiger in the zoo)

Positano Cam(Positano village called pearl on the Amalfi coast)

Te Puia(Geyser's Geyser)

Zoo View(Zoo in Southern California)

Eagle Cam(Hawk Eagle's Nest)

Swiss Mountain Cam(Mountain in Switzerland)

Turtle Bay Resort Webcam(Oahu's resort)

Live Monkey Cam(Squirrel monkey in Costa Rica)

Beluga Whale(Beluga whale at the aquarium)

Andorramania webcams(Andorra Duchy in the valley of the Pyrenees)

2006 Winter Olympic Stadium(Turin where the winter Olympic Games this year was held)

Key West Cam(Key West, Florida)

Sloppy Joe's Bar(SLIPPY JOE'S BAR that Hemingway passed)

Catalina Island Cam(Catalina Island in the resort area)

Egbert's Webcam(German theme park)

Nasa Webcams(Spaceport of NASA, Kennedy Space Center)

Roach Cam(Gigantic cockroach being studied at the University of Southern California)

Switchcam(Zurich's camera)

Chicken Cam(Chicken observation)

Wilderness Pines(Gaylord of Michigan)

Jason's Fishcam(Camera photographing three tanks)

Syria on the Internet(Damascus, the capital of Syria)

Okinawa Webcam(Live Camera in Okinawa)

Flims Laax Falera Weisse Arena Cams(Camera installed at the ski resort in Switzerland)

Statue of Liberty(the statue of Liberty)

By the way the best 25 before 2005 is below.

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