"Mixi" User registration from mobile phone topped 100,000 people in 3 days

"Mixi" became possible to register from the mobile phone from December 4 this year, but it seems that more than 100,000 people have registered in 72 hours since the service started. How many complete new registrants are not registered on PC?

Details are as below.
Mixi Corporation | Press Release

"Mixi" which can be registered from mobile phones is also an invitation system as well as registration from PC, but it is considerable momentum. The monthly PV of "mixi Mobile" is 1.79 billion PV as of October 2006. With this increase in registration number, PV seems to jump further.

"EZ GREE" Number of members exceeded 100,000 people

By the way, it took more than twice as fast as KDDI's mobile SNS "EZ GREE" membership took over a week to break through 100,000 people. Is the day when SNS beyond mixi comes?

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