Hatena, the number of total users exceeded 400,000, the number of blogs opened to 248 thousand

Trends in the number of registered users exceeded 100,000 in May 2004, 200,000 in February 2005, 300,000 in September 2005, and 400,000 in April 23, 2006. It becomes a feeling like the above when graph.

Also, the total number of blog service "Hatena diary" has reached 248 thousand as of April.
Function change, notification etc. - Hatena press release - Hatena, over 400,000 total users

In addition, the monthly page view for March reached 460 million PV (PV excluding access from robot), and the page view of April seems to exceed the 500 million PV (same) for the first time.

I wonder how far this will go ... If you look at the graph, you will still feel like it will be okay ....

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