Apple's "iPhone", in Japan deployed in docomo or Softbank

This is analogized by the communication method that the iPhone is supposed to support, but if the communication method is truly adopted, there is a high possibility that it will be released as a part of FOMA or SoftBank 3G terminal in Japan.

The iPhone is also likely to be in the shape of iPod base as well. Other stories about the next iPod are out.

Details are as follows.
AppleInsider | Prudential: iPhone to sport click wheel; video iPod by Q2

According to this article, iPhone is planning to support GSM / GPRS and W-CDMA system as a communication method. And in Japan, NTT DoCoMo and SOFTBANK have adopted the W-CDMA system, so if iPhone is released in Japan, it is highly probable that these two companies will be released.

And regarding the terminal itself of the iPhone, since the music player function has the highest priority, thinking firstly to have a battery, it makes a distinction from a high-function line equipped with wireless LAN etc. like a smartphone It is supposed to be intention.

According to the following article, iPhone's patent issued the other day said that the appearance of the iPhone is similar to the 2nd generation iPod nano, and adopts the click wheel type like the iPod.

Apple's iPhone Patent - MYiPhone

Design drawing and spiritual drawing. The appearance is really the 2nd generation iPod nano

By the way, although the W-CDMA system is a 3G (third generation) mobile phone communication system, it is possible to make high-speed communication, but still thinking on the premise that it purchases and listens music directly from iTunes on the iPhone Is it?

For the next iPodAs I mentioned earlierIt seems that it will become a thing with a widescreen on the clarified premise of the movie playback, and this will start production from the first quarter of 2007.

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