Mug with automatic stirring function

It is perfect for people who are troublesome to stir with a spoon after putting sugar and milk in the cup. If the propeller is attached to the bottom and you push the button of the handle, it will turn round and mix. I think that it is convenient, but it is going to be troublesome to wash this cup instead. Will it be easier to clean by turning the detergent?

The actual moving images are as follows.
The behavior of the propeller is like this.
YouTube - Re: The Self Stirring Mug REVEALED!

It is turning with considerable momentum.
YouTube - The Self Stirring Mug

Details of the cup are from the following link.

Self-Stirring Mug at Hammacher Schlemmer

To prevent scattering and a lid doubling as warmth is included, the price is $ 29.95 (about 3500 yen). It is necessary to drive two AAA batteries and it seems to rotate about 3000 per minute.

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