Modify the radio control car and try it as a vacuum cleaner

It is a plan to attach a floor cleaning wiper to the tip of a radio controlled car and use it as a vacuum cleaner. Since it is explained with a picture, it seems that it will be able to make it quickly if even parts are arranged. It is not as convenient as a fully automatic vacuum cleaner, but it might be good for those who want to clean while playing.

Details are as follows. What to prepare is a radio control car and a wiper used for floor cleaning.

Since the right bumper part of the radio controlled car is lined up, attach the board here. This photo uses the excess printed board, but it seems to be reasons that it is cheap and light, has some strength and is easy to process.

After installing the plate, fix the wiper firmly by matching the height there.

That's it.

Let's watch the function of the radio controlled car that became the vacuum cleaner in the movie.
YouTube - RC Car Dust Mop

There is garbage properly, "Look, you can get such garbage" "Wow or John!" It seems like you can hear the conversation.

Oil stains and eating are difficult, but if you have hair or cotton balls, you can clean it.

Other photos and so on are located below.

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories - Turn an RC car into a floor sweeper!

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