Movie showing how to start Linux on Playstation 3

Well, it is finally getting back to calm after PS 3 has been released for a while, how about everyone?

The "CPU" of the new CPU installed in the PS3 is a multi-core processor of 1 PPE + 8 SPE (actually 7 SPE, the remaining one is spare for redundancy), so it is possible to execute up to ten instructions simultaneously However, if it is used for such a purpose, it seems that there will be only Linux as it is, so that the state that Linux (Fedora Core 5) is installed and running is released immediately.

Playback is from the following. Other distributions and others seem to be installable if conditions are met. NES also moves.
YouTube - Fedora Core 5 on Playstation 3

YouTube - Fedora Core 5 on Playstation 3 (+ cpuinfo meminfo)

Refer to the following for installation method etc.

PS3 Linux Installation - PS3 Linux Information Site

Open Platform for PLAYSTATION 3

Slashdot Japan | Starting "PS3 Linux"

It seems that Gentoo Linux also succeeded in installing.

Whitesanjuro - PS3 Linux Adventures?

The NES emulator is also running on PS3. The following is the movie.

YouTube - NES on PS3

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