Is there only 1% of pornographic sites on the Internet?

Although I think that no one believes even if saying "There is only 1% of pornographic sites on the Internet", it seems that it is so in the statistician's report delegated to the US Justice Department.

Details are as follows.Only 1 percent of Web pages have porn?

Studied by a student at Carnegie Mellon University, it seems that 83.5% of the images on the USENET discussion group were pornographic images. However, in a statistician's report delegated to the US Justice Department, the pornographic site of the website was supposed to be 1%.

I can not talk about the newsgroup USENET and the Internet in the same line, but what kind of survey method did the statistician do on the contrary ... Why did you check with Google filtering on? By the way, the method of removing Google's filter is the following site etc.

Usagi literature diary - Google's search results are filtered on Google

Yahoo! When examining with UK 's SafeSearch function, nearly 15% of the images were blocked, and Yahoo! It seems that almost 33% of animation was something which children could not show very much. How much porn does Yahoo filter?

In addition, it may be a problem to see the wrong porn image. This is the CM of an organization like the public advertising organization in Japan.

The Internet Porn Video

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