80% of spam mails worldwide are being sent by this 200 people

"Mailbox broke due to spam mail" "Because there are too many spam e-mails, if you try filtering, it has been filtered to important e-mails this time," it was hurt by spam mail, Although it seems that there are also many who remember anger which is extraordinary, 80% of the spam mail is transmitted by them introducing it.

Details are as follows.200 people create 80 per cent of spam

According to this article, 80% of the world's spam mails are being sent by 200 people, the most famous among them being the Alex in Ukraine. He seems to work with Russian criminal organizations and manipulate a large number of PCs infected with viruses to send spam mails.

By the way, the face picture of the top ten of them and the specialty field are on the following page in detail.

Spamhaus - The TOP 10 Spammers

"Alex" ranked first as a name, and one of them is "Alex Blood" (blood Alex) .... By the way, do people who do not have pictures of their face regularly change their faces to live?


It is a movie at the moment of entering the online fraud hideout hideout and making a single shot.

EFCC arrests fraudsters - Google Video

2006/11/17 9:01 amendment
There is amendment in the original article that I refer to, it is said that 10 people are mistakes, correctly 200 people.

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