Movie when accident seen from the driver's seat

You can see what kind of things can be seen from inside the car when the accident happens and it is submerged or flipped. Since the camera is surviving, there is not much damage so much as to make the inside of the car rash, but it is superb.

Playback is from the following.
A state when the car was flipped and submerged
Rally (5-6) Crash

It looks like when the track came in from the side.
YouTube - Truck crash video

Although it does not crash, steering is not working and it can not be bent.
YouTube - No steering crash

Colliding on a car in front.
YouTube - crash auto

A state when it was reversed on the ground.
YouTube - Drag Crash

Spin on a course with bad road condition.
Crash in Fuji Speedway, Japan

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