Listen to Windows Vista's start-up sound, end sound, etc.

Well, finally the RTM version has appeared and the development is completed, and next Windows 'Windows Vista' which was also decided to be released in Japan on January 30 (Tuesday) next year will frequently be heard when becoming this new Windows It is the start sound that it becomes. And the end sound. In addition, sound effects sound in various situations, such as logging in and logging off. And of course these sounds are all renovated.

So, let's compare and hear all sound effects first in XP and Vista.
YouTube - Windows Vista vs. XP

When playing the above movie, the sound effect of each scene sounds. The first thing you hear is XP, and the next to be heard is Vista. Overall the atmosphere is much different than before.

Especially this strange startup sound, I thought if there was any meaning, I wrote it on the official Windows Vista blog.

Windows Vista Team Blog: The Sounds of Windows Vista

It feels like "Win-dows Vis-ta" ... ....

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