Approximately 80% of users do not periodically back up

In October 2006, Aigek Ink conducted a survey on the use of digital data on 600 users of Macintosh and Windows users in Japan, and it is clear that about 80% of users do not back up regularly It is said that it became.

Is it that people who realize the necessity of periodically backing up are limited only to those who actually experienced a painful experience by actually losing data ...?

Details of the results are as follows.
Aigek Ink, "Survey on actual use of digital data" conducted

PowerPoint Presentation - Report

21.0% answered "frequently backed up", 58.3% answered "I've been there" and 20.7% answered "I have never done", so that a total of nearly 80% It is supposed not to back up regularly, do you?

In terms of how many of those who actually experienced losing data started to back up regularly, 56.3%.

There are lots of digital data percentage graphs, work related documents, online banking records, address books etc that you believe you will lose if you lose it.

After all, here is one thing, it is better for the personal computer itself to require at least the function equivalent to RAID 1 ... .... However, the cost will be high, and in the case of laptops for mobile use, we can not do that kind of thing, so is the situation like this going on for the moment ...?

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