"ALPSLAB route" where you can create a map to animate the directions in Flash

Various kinds of interesting experiments on maps Every time the familiar "ALPSLAB" has delivered a wonderful thing with a practical degree full after a long time. "ALPSLAB route" which creates a map that will automatically reproduce the route by animation as you click on the directions on the map. It is also possible to embed it in a blog etc.

Even this alone is amazing enough, you can use GPS logs, enter tags, and even embed photos with Flickr's account.

So, I actually tried using it.

First of allALPSLAB route (create route)", Enter the address of the starch point in the upper blank space, move, then select" tie along the road "or" tie with straight line ", click on the map along the way I will. You can delete it by holding down the "Shift" key and you can insert it while pressing the "Ctrl" key. Also, you can drag the map to move.

Click "Post route" when finished

Enter a title and other matters as necessary at any time. Click "Preview route" and click on "Post" after confirming it. If there is a possibility of deleting later, let's put "delete key" in it.

Completed with such feeling. You can paste it on your blog and you can also teach the address of this generated page.

This is the page generated this time

Here is an example that embedded below.

It's pretty easy to use, and it seems to be very promising. It is very convenient when teaching people directions. Also, it is wonderful to be able to handle GPS logs. Various applications seem to be useful. In addition, detailed usage is explained in detail in the following page.

ALPSLAB route (create route)

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