Until NIKE's shoes are made in China

As if to bake a roasted roast, the rubber bottom was made, and the sewing work is arranging the sewing machines side by side. China = There is an image of human tactic tactics, but it is made quite carefully.

Details are as follows. What is lined up is the wooden pattern used for molding. It seems to be necessary because there is it for each foot size.

Cloth and rubber used to make. It is close.

It seems to be making shoe sole. I use rubber a little more on the side.

That's the bottom I made. The upper one is also suitable because it will be processed later.

I guess the shape of the bottom was attached like this ... It sounds like it's like grilling.

This person seems to be processing the side.

Make different colors and make them separately.

A skill of a craftsman who cuts as much as possible to avoid wasteful parts.

I'm sewing with a sewing machine with season.

There are various sewing machines lining up.

Looking at this way, it is somewhat messy but as expected it seems that the working environment is not bad.

There are many other pictures below.


The process of manufacturing shoes is as follows.

Manufacturing process

By the way, in the case of Louis Vuitton.

YouTube - Louis Vuitton Shoe Factory

I make it anywhere with human hands, but it is surely cheaper to make it with people's hands.

As you can see, as you can see, all shoes are handmade, so buy it carefully and let's buy ... it should be different little by little one by one.

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