How to carry out ridiculous things

We are carrying things with every means such as walking, bicycle, motorcycle. It is nice, but it can only be said that things and circumstances to convey carry away. Even if it should be carried by a car, it is carried without using a car. It is no longer an extreme area. Is everyone a noisy team or part of training?

Details are as follows. Although it seems to be carrying the thing that can be recycled, the height is over 3 m in any way.

I cross the river with my bicycle using a rope. can not believe.

Suspension bridge part became only rope. It is the end of one volume if you step on foot.

I carry the outside part of the car. Even this alone is rather heavy ....

This time a fence of iron. It may seem okay because we are two people, but it is mysterious that we are balanced.

Is this a mirror? I'm pretty scared by the wind as much as I'm running on a motorcycle ....

There are various pictures on the other links below.

Lords of the Logistic

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