"Bubble Man Soda Fever" New Release

The fifth bubbleman this year, "Bubble Man Soda Fever" seems to be released from Tuesday, November 21, 2006. The price is 140 yen per book by tax. The next liquid color seems to be pink and it looks like it will be pretty bright.

Details are as follows."Bubble Man Soda Fever" New Release
- Pink color Bubble Man appealing exciting party season -

In the package, "With a little hero" Bubble Man "a little more exciting the event season of the Earthlings", I painted the figure of the Bubble Man who dressed in various dresses, together with a vivid pink liquid color, I expressed a fun atmosphere.

It is the setting called Bubble Man that excites the event season, so this year's new flavor may be the last one. The contents seem to be the perfect taste for a pleasant mood with the addition of yoghurt flavor based on the fruit mix taste. Although it is unusual to mention about taste, I can not imagine what kind of taste it is.

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