Easy Juggling lecture movie starting from 3 balls

When saying juggling, it is a thing that throws one after another without doing dropping by the principle of Odama which is common in street performance, and it is doing with Poipoi.

It seems to be difficult at first sight, but if you practice by following the steps according to the correct method, it seems that if you are an early person two to three hours, even a late person will be able to make a simple offense for a week .

Among them, this ball juggling is the foundation in the foundation. If it becomes possible to do this with three balls, it seems that its application is various.

So, there is a movie to be able to juggle with three balls anyway so I will introduce it. In addition, there are other sites that explain various techniques in detail, so I will add it as well.
Learn How To Juggle 3 Balls from Jason Garfield - Google Video

Juggling course

Sure, it makes me think that this may be possible. After all it's just that you are doing only blindly, it's no use, is this.

The rest of the site will explain in more detail.

Juggling textbook

Juggling - Wikipedia

How to Juggle 3 Balls - VideoJug

Below is a performance movie.

Juggling Team ☆ Technique God ☆

Jason Garfield Juggling Videos

In addition there is such a flashy performance. Click "VIDEO" in the bottom right to see awesome things.

Feeding the Fish performance: Flux - Visual Glow Juggling Show for corporate events & festivals

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