Photograph of super-solid snow crystal variously

Something like the picture above is a crystal of snow. It is quite different from what I saw in school textbooks.

Speaking of photos of ordinary snowflakes, they are all like transparent crystal structures viewed from directly above, but when you shoot using the low temperature scanning electron microscope (LTSEM), a completely different world spreads out. If you look closely it is just what makes me think "I see that". It is amazing to see beauty of nature.

So, I tried collecting various photos of super - solid snowflakes. Please do from below.
Pseudo Color Snow Crystals

Comparative Images of Snow Crystals Page 1

Rime and Graupel

Carbon Dioxide Crystals

Image: LT-SEM snow crystals.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Snowflake.jpg (JPEG image 900 x 600 pixels)

Image: Snow crystals.png - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Image: Snow crystals 2b.png - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Snow crystal will look like this as you expand rapidly.

LT - SEM_snow_crystal_magnification_series - 3. jpg (JPEG image 900 x 3994 pixels)

I can see it standing up by stereoscopic viewing.

Cross Eyed Stereo Images

There is a worn-out image of snow crystal, but looking at this way is innovative.

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