Gifts for 5000 people for Urou, Matsutake, crab and Japanese chestnut curl

Meiji Seika is launching a new campaign for that "curl of Uncle Carl", but its content is outrageous and "contents are selected carefully, creative curl 5000 present like gifts".

Then, the curl that is gifted is an assortment of curls of "Uunu, Matsutake, crab, Waguri". I wonder what it means high-class foods ... ....

Since the deadline is October 31 (postmarked on that day), it is due soon.

Details are as follows.
Meiji Seika: Campaign List

Meiji Seika: Karlmado village

You can download application method and application postcard PDF by clicking "Ooro Village" in the upper right and clicking on "Under Campaign !!" under the middle.

Even so, I saw Karl's site for the first time, but it seems that I was doing everything as much as possible, there was a member-based site and a movie placed even though Flash Flashing was used. Actually, since there is a genre of "food" at GIGAZINE, we are going to see the site of the company here and there, but while there are places where press releases are not issued even though it is a listed company, this stiffness is Anyway, interesting things are interesting.

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