Screensaver to reproduce Windows blue screen

It is a so-called blue screen or a phenomenon called blue screen of death, or "BSOD" for short.

It is that screen that will knock down all kinds of worldwide Windows users to the bottom of fear so that it seems that there is not anyone who is using Windows and never saw this screen.

I make such a blue screen a screen saver screen. Just running it on trial will shorten its life. It is not a screensaver, but there are things that work on Mac OS X. Details are as follows.

Home of Ferzkopp - BSoD Spoof

There is a screensaver that will be a blue screen on any of the above addresses. The type of blue screen to be displayed is somewhat different or reproduced further in detail, so it is possible to generate pseudo access to the disk. Even if you make a mistake, you should not install it on your own computer without permission, and let's stop the good boy as putting it in the startup and knocking down to the abyss of despair is a bad thing.

Although it is not a screensaver in Japan at the time, the same line of software is below.

Bon Screen Pong (Windows 95/98 / Me / Amusement)

As a Mac OS X widget, there is a page that reproduces this blue screen on the following page.

DashboardWidgets - Showcase BSOD

Omaque 1: Image collection of various terminals dead in the street becoming a blue screen

Miguel Carrasco: Blue Screen of Death Top 10

Channel 4 WTF?

Bsod |

Omake 2: Blue Screen occurs in front of Bill · Gates during demo of Windows 98

YouTube - Win 98 with BSOD featuring Bill Gates

Omake 3: Become a blue screen and rage furiously

No one is safe! |

Omake 4: Blue Screen T-shirt

Bluescreen.jpg (JPEG image 720 x 480 pixels)

Omake 5: Blue Screen of Death

Speak geek: SpeakGeek 2006 - Oct - 03

Bills-BSOD.jpg (JPEG image 700 x 525 pixels)

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