Today announced All models of FOMA latest terminal "903i" All images

RecentlyNTT DoCoMo's latest FOMA terminal, "903i" series will be released this winterI took up the content, but today the details were announced.

The main features are the GPS function of all 903i models, Chaku-Uta full compatible, Osaifu-Keitai version upgrade, mega i-appli correspondence, e-mail attachment capacity up. Depending on the model, it also supports Napster and other flat-rate music distribution services and HSDPA with a maximum of 3.6 Mbps downstream.

Details are as follows.903i series | Products | NTT DoCoMo

According to the link above, 14 terminals are released this time, of which 11 terminals are 903i series. Two of them are HSDPA compliant, and three models are one seg support model. Below, I will list features briefly with images.

·D 903 i(Manufactured by Mitsubishi)
FM transmitter installed, Windows Media Audio (WMA) compatible music distribution service such as NAPSTAR available

Summer turquoise

Autumn gold

Spring pink

Winter white

·F 903 i(Manufactured by Fujitsu)
"Swing mobile" that can be operated by shaking the terminal with a motion sensor, WMA compatible





·N 903 i(Manufactured by NEC Corporation)
VGA LCD capable of displaying horizontal 480 × vertical 690, equipped with hand-shake correction compatible camera, SD audio compatible

Surf Blue

Jet Black

Vermillion Orange

Sparkle white

·P903i(Panasonic Mobile)
It can play music up to 70 hours, wirelessly play music with Bluetooth, "Mobile phone" locked when you leave the cell with the key "Anshin key" function, SD audio compatible

Brown × Silver

Orange × Orange

White × Pearls

Anshin Keys

There is also a custom jacket this time too

·SH903i(Made by Sharp)
"AQUOS Keitai" which adopted technology of liquid crystal television "AQUOS", corresponds to both WMA and SD audio

Onyx Black

Opal White

Sapphire blue

Ruby red

·SO 903 i(Made by Sony Ericsson)
3 inch wide LCD with adopted technology of LCD TV "BRAVIA", adopted both miniSD and Memory Stick DuO Pro in card slot, compatible with mp 3 and ATRAC 3


Rush orange

Opal White

Sonic Yellow

·D903iTV(Manufactured by Mitsubishi)
One seg correspondence, Thinness 19.8 mm, WMA compatible

Light Blue



·P903iTV(Panasonic Mobile)
Based on P903i, 1 Seg support, high image quality, 5 hours viewing is realized




·SH903iTV(Made by Sharp)
"AQUOS mobile phone" equipped with 3-inch liquid crystal, equipped with FM transmitter




·F903iX HIGH-SPEED(Manufactured by Fujitsu)
HSDPA support up to 3.6 Mbps downlink, F903i based on services such as up to 10 MB i-motion based



·P903iX HIGH-SPEED(Panasonic Mobile)
Supports HSDPA up to 3.6 Mbps downstream, Windows Media Video (WMV) compatible player based on P 903 i, and supports up to 10 MB i-motion service



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