Will Google announce today the acquisition of YouTube?

According to Reuters news agency, it is said that Google will officially announce YouTube acquisition as soon as possible today (Tuesday, October 10, Japan time).

If it is to announce it after the overseas stock market closed, is it generally after 6:00 AM on October 10, Japan time?

Details are as follows.
Google may announce deal to buy YouTube: source | Technology | Technology | Reuters.co.uk

Google may announce deal to buy YouTube: source: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance

UPDATE 1 - Google may announce deal to buy YouTube - source | Company News | Reuters.co.uk

It is likely to be around 1.65 billion dollars. It seems that the stock price of Google is also rising. You can see from the following.

Quote for Google Inc

Besides, Google's advantage of buying YouTube is "5 Reasons Why Google Will Buy YouTube"There are five reasons, among them the most popular user share.

YouTube: 45.46%
MySpace Videos: 22.99%
Google Video: 10.25%
Yahoo! Video: 6.06%
MSN Video: 5.92%

From Google, it is possible to become a top at a stroke by acquiring YouTube.

Well, do you really buy?

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