Forcibly copying CRC error free software "CD Recover"

The old data saved on the CD - R or DVD - R, etc. I was trying to copy it as needed, but it says "I can not copy ~~ data error (cyclic redundancy check (CRC) error) I wonder if there are many people who have given up giving up crying.

Even in such cases, free software that can be forcibly copied is "CD Recover". You can skip only the part where the error occurred and extract only the part that can be read.

Details are as follows.
In case of CRC error this message will be displayed.

First, download software from the following page.

Adrian Boeing's E-Gap: Tools

It will start after downloading

Click "Input File" to specify the file you want to copy, then click "Output Directory", specify the location to place the copied file, then select "Skip on read error" and select "Skip 4kb" and other options Choose. You can rescue a terrible error as you go to the choices below, but the missing will also increase by that much.

Finally click "Copy" and wait for a while. It depends on the error situation, but it takes quite a while.

The fact that it is a fact that the problem is broken even if it is rescued by this. If it is an AVI file, you can recover it by skipping only the error part with the following free software.

DivFix ++

Various other movie formats and sounds, JPEG and BMP format can be repaired with high probability by using the following shareware.

All Media Fixer

If the JPEG file is damaged, the following shareware is superior.


As for damage of the JPEG file, it can be repaired if the following free software also puts out guts.


Regarding Canon's RAM image, free software that can be repaired exists.

CRW Repair

Word files can also be repaired with this free software.

Word Repair

ZIP files can be repaired with this software, but 100% restoration is impossible first. It feels like unpacking only unwanted files.

DiskInternals ZIP Repair

If only the RAR file has a recovery record, 100% restoration is possible exceptionally according to the ratio.

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