Dram squad performing awesome performance

I throw the sticks each other and hit the drum while exchanging it. Moreover, it is a tremendous performance that plural people do without disturbance.

Playback is from the following. Besides throwing a stick, it is full of highlights, such as action like Chamera.

YouTube - Top Secret Drum Corps(6 minutes 25 seconds)

YouTube - Top Secret DrumCorps Basel Tattoo(5 minutes 52 seconds)

YouTube - Top Secret Drum Corps Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2006(5 minutes 56 seconds)

The movie above seems to be an annual show which is based on the Edinburgh Military Tatoo called Edinburgh Castle in Scotland. You can download pictures of shows and other performers and performers' movies from the website below.

The Tattoo Experience - The Official Edinburgh Military Tattoo Web Site

The site of the drum corps appearing in the movie is here. I also have pictures.


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