Huge spider web art made of tape but people can ride

It is a piece of artwork reproducing a web of spider webs with high strength and elasticity and a unique atmosphere. Its size is likely to be captured by humans, but it seems that people can actually ride on.

Details are as below.
Designers Spin Spidey-Worthy Webs From Packing Tape | Fast Company

Art created by artist group "For Use / Numen" in the building of the former stock exchange in Vienna. It looks like a big web, but the material seems to be a tape.

It seems that about 45 kg of tape is used, it is quite a huge size.

It is also possible for a human to ride. It is a strange space coupled with the atmosphere of the building.

This art seems to have gotten inspiration from a dancer holding a tape and coming back and forth between the pillars.

Although it is a big art, how to install it has become visible in the movie.
Packing Tape Spiderwebs - For Use / Numen Self - Supporting Web Takes Over Viennese Stock Exchange (VIDEO)

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