Juggling "contact juggling" to keep objects away from the body

Speaking of juggling, I think of a technique of keeping things thrown in the air, but I will introduce from now on Juggling keep rolling balls etc. on my body.

Because it moves too smoothly, it is an illusion that the thing itself is moving without permission. It is likely to fall and it will not fall.

Details are as below.
It looks like the ball is floating.
YouTube - Contact Juggling... Beans

It shows various techniques.
YouTube - Camerons Contact Juggling Promo

Juggling while dancing in fairy style.
YouTube - fairy liquid

Contact juggling contact with a fireball.
YouTube - firecontact

Various contact jugglers. Some people are using things other than balls.
YouTube - In Isolation

Contact juggling using a ring.
YouTube - Isolation Solution

Juggling with multiple balls and dynamic juggling with both arms.
YouTube - EmiSphereS

Juggling with movement like a robot.
YouTube - Strict Machine

Juggling in wizards style.
YouTube - Contact

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