A model of Moscow with a value of 3 million dollars

It is a model made on the basis of the scenery of the former Soviet capital Moscow, made in 1977. The size is over 400 square feet (about 37 square meters).

It seems that the sale was decided this time, it seems that it got a value of 3 million dollars (equivalent to 350 million yen).

Details are as follows.English Russia »Moscow city for sale, price: $ 3 M

Daytime scenery.

Landscape in the evening.

Night scenery. This may be the most beautiful. Is it a place like a night view of 3 million dollars?

By the way, this model seems to have been originally made for the exhibition of the exposition, but as a result of sticking to the details and putting a small light bulb in every single building of each building, the maintenance cost including the electricity bill is enormous It seems that it became something and was forced to sell.

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