A photograph of Toronto that understands the passage of time using Flash

It seems to be the thing which attached photographs taken every 2 hours with Flash. If you move the mouse to the left or right by placing the mouse on the photo, it will become night scenery as time goes by, or it will be morning. It is simple, but it is beautifully finished.
[Daily dose of imagery] [f] downtown strips

At the bottom of the page above is what I synthesized with Flash.

Furthermore, it is the following photograph that synthesized this smoothly.

Toronto Time - Lapse on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Also, here is what I made movies taken every 20 seconds all together.

Wvs | timelaspe | 28sep 03 | HQ(QuickTime required)

This is also similar things.

Wvs | timelaspe | 02sep 03 | HQ(QuickTime required)

It is a very beautiful effect.

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