HIGH SPEED PHOTOGRAPHY PHOTO COLLECTION capturing the moment to crush or topple

High-speed photo that shot a moment that can not usually be seenHigh speed shooting) Is just like being orthodox in terms of "showing the world I have never seen", how do you capture the moment of what happens? And what moment will you cut out even for a moment that looks the same? It influences the impression when the viewpoint difference is bigger.

So, let 's take a look at the pictures of various high - speed photographs actually taken.

Appreciation is from the following.
35 Jaw-Dropping Examples of High Speed ​​Photography | Digital Photography Shots

01: Strawberry

02: bullet through a bottle

03: Paintball Blast

04: Triple Impact 77/365

05: heartbreaker

06: Apple Deep Splash

07: 1

08: Popping Soap Bubble

09: Red light bulb

10: Galaxia

11: marbles part 5 photo

12: High speed crack

13: Astro-Science Workshop 2008 [5551]

14: Bullet Pictures

15: Water Figures workflow part 3 photo

16: flower

17: Yoda

18: Bathroom monster ...

19: Egg shot

20: light explosion

21: Fetch Red

22: Pabst + Hollow Point

23: DSC - 7491

24: Liquify II

25: Summer time

27: 10 Masterpieces of High-Speed ​​Water Photography

28: cig

29: waterfigure, object and extra splash

30: Santa Better Watch Out

31: Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor 06-0120 from Nellis Air Force Base Nevada 422nd Test and Evaluation Squadron high speed pass with rainbow and vapor at the Miramar Air Show 2008

32: shower cap

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