"FLET'S Hikari premium enterprise type" of really 1 Gbps

As it turns out, the current FLET'S HIKARI premium series ultimately has 1 Gbps up to the line termination equipment and 100 Mbps individually, but it seems that it is really 1 Gbps.

As for the price to worry, the usual monthly charge is 10,950 yen (including tax). It seems that it will go down to 17955 yen (including tax) per month if it is a two year contract.

Details are as follows.
About the launch of the FLET'S Hikari premium enterprise type new menu for enterprises "FLET'S Hikari Premium Enterprise Type"

It is easy to understand by actually seeing the figure below.

【Exhibit】 Overall structure of FLET'S Hikari premium enterprise type

Regarding the communication speed, the maximum speed at IPv6 communication is approximately 1 Gbps. The maximum speed at service use by IPv4 is about 400 Mbps maximum. When IPv4 communication and IPv6 communication are used at the same time, the maximum speed seems to be approximately 400 Mbps to 1 Gbps in total of IPv4 communication and IPv6 communication.

We began offering from some areas of Osaka prefecture and plan to expand the offering area as soon as preparation is completed from December 2006.

In order to provide this service in a stable manner, in the meantime, in the meantime, in the meantime, we will provisionally offer around 100 lines. Application acceptance in this case is from today and application began from Friday, August 25. In short it is a pillar.

Is it really such a speed ...?

Also, the provider that has officially announced correspondence at this point is OCN.

NTT Com | News Releases August 21, 2006: Provision of enterprise type compliant services in OCN optical access "FLET'S Hikari premium" plan

This is a price list

……too high.

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