"HYBRID W - ZERO 3" resumes selling, 3G line changes as it is

Although it was released in January this year,WILLCOM 's vertical sliding smartphone "HYBRID W - ZERO 3", which is currently discontinued, is scheduled to reviveWe announced on September 14, but it was officially decided that it will resume sales at last.

Also, although there is no change in the usage fee itself, the 3G line has been changed, and it is affected in part.

Details are as below.
WILLCOM | New price plan corresponding to SoftBank 3G in "WILLCOM CORE 3G"

According to the press release of WILLCOM, the company is offering free up to 2 million packets for a corporate user who uses five or more lines from October 1, 2010 (Friday) from 2,580 yen per month fixed rate system It is said that it will provide a rate plan "3G data flat-rate business (S)" that includes communications.

Also, as we start offering "New WILLCOM flat-rate plan GS" as a rate plan for smartphones from Friday, October 8, 2010, we will start selling "HYBRID W-ZERO 3" that corresponds to this plan Thing.

Newly provided "WILLCOM Fixed Price Plan GS" is a basic usage fee of 1450 yen, data communication of PHS line is free, packet communication using 3G line is up to 5250 yen per month, traditionally provided "new WILLCOM Fixed Price Plan G ", but the 3G line changed from NTT docomo (maximum descending 7.2 Mbps, uplink maximum 5.7 Mbps) to SOFTBANK MOBILE (maximum descending 7.2 Mbps, uploading maximum 1.4 Mbps).

Furthermore, in "3G data flat-rate business (S)" and "new WILLCOM flat-rate plan GS" that will be launched this time, for users who use large amounts of communications for a certain period of time in order to ensure fairness in communication quality and network usage On the other hand, it is said that the following communication speed control will be implemented.

· 3G data flat-rate business (S)
When the amount of data used within the most recent 30 days, including that day, exceeds 10 million packets, the communication speed is limited

· New WILLCOM flat-rate plan GS
The communication speed is limited when the amount of data used within the most recent 30 days, including that day, exceeds 5 million packets. Communication on PHS lines is not applicable

By the way, please also be careful about changing the price course between "New WILLCOM Fixed Price Plan G" and "New WILLCOM Fixed Price Plan GS", as it is necessary to change the model to the phone corresponding to each charge course.

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