Massive attack of zombies in San Francisco

On the afternoon of August 19 th local time, a lot of zombies attacked San Francisco.

The picture at that time is as follows.
Laughing Squid »Zombies Invade San Francisco!

Zombies Invade San Francisco! - a photoset on Flickr

There are movies that show how they are attacked by a large number of zombies.

YouTube - Zombies go for genius brains

It's like a kind of off-event that gathers and runs people by calling out a call like "Let's do this kind of event!", But in the case of this zombie this time there are people who went like this in the past It seems that you imitated it.

ZOMBIES - a photoset on Flickr

Is there something recently in Japan like this seems to be offline?

In 2003 there was "nationwide simultaneous multiple matrix off" ....

Smith 100 people gathered in Shibuya! Nationwide simultaneous Mato Festival

Archive [HAGAKURE Theory]: Multiple simultaneous matrix offs throughout the country

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