Inner shirt appears that will be in the right posture only by wearing it

It seems that the inner shirt "shoulder balance up under" which Asics develops and sells from August 1 has innovative features that it becomes a correct posture only by wearing it.

It is also effective for the collapse of stiff shoulder stiffness and posture that occurs when using a personal computer.

Details are as follows.
From athletes aiming to improve sports performance
Widespread support for stiff shoulder and women suffering from postural collapse
"Organize the inner muscle of the shoulder" Develop a new concept shirt

It seems that it was developed based on "Asics im (technology)" which balances the body by training the muscles inside the body called inner muscle.

As for what kind of mechanism it is, based on a fabric with high stretchability fitting the whole body, the diamond high elastic fabric "Diamondback" is embedded in the back, and it is said that the shoulder blade is easy to demonstrate its original function It is attracted to the back side, the movable range of the shoulder blades widens, and the muscular activity of the inner muscle around the shoulder is encouraged. I do not understand somewhat, but it seems that posture gets better anyway.

Also, it supports the swing of the arm during running, the elbow raising at various ball games, the take back at the time of swinging golf and baseball, etc., and expecting improvement in performance. It's nothing wrong.

The price you care about is 6090 yen for men's sleeveless undershirt, 6930 yen for men's under shirt, 6930 yen for women's bra top, 6090 yen for women's sleeveless under shirt. Is it not that it is expensive if posture can be maintained correctly ...?

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