YouTube finally catch up to world's largest SNS "MySpace"

Japanese users are thrashing in a big way and are not they mistaken for uploaders? Video sharing site of momentum "YouTubeIt is finally the world's largest SNS "MySpaceIt seems that it caught up with.

Details are as follows. How much money is worth, how much is the reach rate, average time spent on users on YouTube, etc. are summarized.
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According to Alexa's survey, the share of video sharing sites such as YouTube occupies on the net is 3.9%. SNS such as MySpace is 3.35%. It already exceeds at this point.

In the US survey results of Nielsen / NetRatings, it seems that it has achieved 297% growth in the first half of this year. With this success, the value of YouTube itself is actually worth US $ 1 billion, converting it to Japanese yen, it is about 114.4 billion yen. It is rumored that if you make initial public offerings etc, you will rise further.

Looking at the so-called reach ratio of how much of the 1 million users on the net are watching, it has increased by 155% in the past three months. MySpace at the same time has an increase rate of 9%, so the momentum is the difference of muddy.

Experts are analyzing that YouTube's strength lies in international entertainment beyond language barriers.

Also, the average time spent on YouTube is 28 minutes. It seems that male is about 20% more than women.

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