Technorati rankings broke down

I have been using blog searches from time to time, and I'm observing fixed points "Technorati"It seems that the ranking of the ranking has become strange, and the rankings are not updated at all, but they showed a disturbing movement, but it seems that they finally got confused.

Below is a screenshot and a phenomenon like a precursor as far as I know.
Some links on the top page are also broken, but the most terrible thing is the ranking page.

Ranking blog search engine - Technorati

The top 100 etc. which GIGAZINE is also in has gotten hurried.

Top 100 of influential blogs linked from the most blogs.

OncethisIs the top 100 ranking on July 25 the other day.

The same blogs are included in 76th and 77th place, and the page which is obviously not a blog is included though ... Although when did each genre such as and All About and MYCOM journal became a blog .... Moreover, although it has already disappeared, before this, it included the official website top page of Ghibli.

In addition, at this point I am in the top position I am making a design template for the FC 2 blog. Using this template will be linked from every blog without permission, so it certainly is "a blog with a strong influence" In other words, although it may be so, it seems that it is not good technoratiy as well, and the template distribution site frequently ranked in each rank has disappeared. This place is also frequently replaced. So recently, the ranking fluctuations are so intense that we have been observing fixed points.


In addition, the headquarters Technorati rankings are moving normally, so it seems like trouble only in Japan.

Technorati: Popular Blogs

Although ......, although some things that are ranked in from Japan are also mixed with things that are not blogs ... That reminds me, about one month ago ITmedia was in the fourth or fifth place.

What is wrong ...?

2006/07/26 21:08 Addendum
I was supposed to be displayed properly when I saw it now. I'm glad.

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