Compare the best ten highest buildings in the world by side by side

Since ancient times, human beings like to build tall buildings that are nice towers of Babel, what will happen if you arrange the best 10 of such high-rise buildings? There was a comparison site called.

There is also a comparison chart with the building currently under construction or planned to be built. It is a funny level to say clearly.
World's 10 Tallest Buildings -

The above is the current best 10. Details of each are as follows. There seems to be somewhat disagreement in the way of counting, but the direction is in the direction of closing the eyes.

World's Tallest Towers

Actual pictures look like this.

Architecture Portal News: Top 10 Tallest Buildings in the World

Compare the problems later, that is, what will happen in the future, including high-rise buildings currently under construction.

Diagrams -

How high will it be ...

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