Coca-Cola Launches "First (First) Tea Garden Luxury Clear Gyokukuro"

It has become a notch of green tea which can be enjoyed with a little luxurious feeling using plenty of rare value "Gyokuoku" even among green tea, it is said that it will be released in quantity and seasonal only in Japan from July 24th. The price is 147 yen.

Details are as follows."The first luxury tea ceremony of the tea garden"(PDF file)

This newly launched "Luxury tea ceremony luxury clay dumpling" uses 50% of this "Gyokuoku" which is said to have a high rarity value even among green tea, and the mellow flavor and sweetness of "Gyokuro" is as it is , I finished it to a clear flavor with no attraction. It has become a notch of green tea that can enjoy the coolness of summer with a little extravaganza.

Due to the fact that green tea beverages are on sale, it seems quite powerful.
Also about the bottle of this unique shape, it seems to be called universal design, it seems that it was designed based on the following purposes.

(* 1) Universal design is designed considering that various people who differ in age, sex, body, nationality, etc. can be used at will anytime anywhere without worry.

I thought that it was just an unusual design PET bottle, but was there such a meaning ...?

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