Chocolate ball for adult women "<glossy bitter> <mellow soymilk>"

It seems to be a chocolate ball for adults born from the desire to taste the deliciousness and pleasure of the chocolate ball again in the generation who graduated the chocolate ball.

It will be released on 11th July 2006 in eastern Japan, August 29th in west Japan.

Details are as follows.
Morinaga, selling chocolate balls for adult women " " released

"Glossy Bitter" is a peanut coated with authentic bitter chocolate. "Mellow Milk Soy Milk" is a light chocolate coated cocoa biscuit with white chocolate with no soy milk flavor.

In the meantime, it seems that there was something called development blog.

Kyoro is going to be an adult to go.

There is something like this in this article.

Kyohoru became an adult to go ~ blog: Preceding monitors wanted Qu!

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