Tyrant Habanero and Prince Peanuts

New product "Tyrant Habanero & amp; Peanuts Captain" combining peanuts with Uma Koan Snack "Tyrant Habanero" will be released on July 3, 2006 only at convenience stores.

Details are as follows.
Eastern Pigeons, Umachi Snack "Tyrant Habanero & Peanuts Captain" released

It seems that if you eat horse spicy potato snacks with habanero's spicy effect with a slightly sweet and savory peanut, you can enjoy new taste.

By the way "Tyrant Habanero" was released on November 17, 2003. It is already three years in November this year, right? At that time I bought and soon ate all to break my stomach.

This time, the package which became gold, a new character "Captain Peanuts" appeared with a motif of peanuts with shell. From now on, a new tyrant story will be rolling out ... and so on.

Also, at the same time as the release of "Tyrant Habanero & amp; Peanuts Captain", the web plan "Lawyer Koshien" (under execution at "boukun.jp" site from November 2005) is held at Toyo Keizai Inc. It was made into a book, and it will be sold at a bookshop nationwide from July 3, 2006.

Kanazaki is a national violent contest that tyrant recruits original rantless words. In the last six months, we hopefully raise violence with twelve themes such as "marriage," "party," "Christmas," and "Valentine's Day", so that a cumulative total of over 15,000 violent words will be heard. I wonder if you are closely writing inside the package or do not do that kind of thing.

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