The content of chat is censored in the Chinese version of Skype

As in livedoor in Japan deploying Skype, in China, Tom Online is developing Skype. However, there is filtering software built in Skype downloaded and installed from here, and the contents of text chat are censored.

Details are as follows.
ICE: Internet Censorship Explorer >> Blog Archive >> Tom-Skype Filtering in China

What is enclosed is its original naming software called "ContentFilter.exe". We have two connections to the server of Tom Online at all times, and one is downloading the contents of the censoring keyword. Only the messages to be censored are received, and censorship is not applied to the message itself to be sent. When a message containing censored word is received, the message is hidden and it does not even know that it was received.

This seems to allow Skype as well.

ITmedia News: Skype allows IM censorship in China

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