The most strange spy utensils the best 10

Telephone with vibration detection function, mobile phone jammer, extremely small size CMOS camera which can be found in the Guinness Book, USB spy mouse, pen type scanner, 80,000 volt electric shock suitcase, model airplane with spy camera etc etc.

TechEBlog >> Top 10 Strangest Spy Gadgets

The best 10 details are as follows.
No. 10: Telephone with vibration detection function

TeleSpy Motion Sensing Telephone. - The Red Ferret Journal

It seems that it is a mechanism that the call function is automatically turned on by detecting the intruder's vibration. I wonder what they use ....

No. 9: Mobile phone jammer

New Portable Cell Phone Jammer Hits

It makes all mobile phones and wireless devices unusable. Of course it is not a commercial item, it is for government officials ....

# 8: Small size CMOS camera

PC208 Mini CMOS Camera - PC208

It is the world's smallest camera as you can see from what is posted in the Guinness Book of Guides. The price is about 138.95 dollars, about 15,000 yen.

No. 7: USB spy mouse

GIGAZINE - USB mouse that eavesdrops on your conversation "CP-1"

It is a horrible mouse that spoofs conversation and eavesdrops by automatically switching to recording mode when connected to the USB port.

No. 6: pen type scanner

The secret pen scanner

MiniSD can be installed with built-in memory 8 MB, price is 300 dollars, about 34 thousand yen. Industry spy is a must-have item.

No. 5: 80,000 volt electric shock suitcase

80.000 volt electric suitcase [H40774] - 899.00 EUR: Euro Spyshop

899 euro, about 129,000 yen. It has 16 batteries and weighs 3 kg. You can sound 107 dB alarm by remote control, and you can also pass current of 80 thousand volts. Important documents are in this.

No. 4: Model airplane with spy camera

Estes XB 39 Eagleye Radio Control Digital Camera Plane - Wal-Mart

The blade length is 55 inches, the length of the aircraft is 34 inches. It is on sale at Wal-Mart's online shop. The price is about 148.32 dollars, about 16,000 yen. Of course it will fly in the sky properly.

No. 3: Shotgun flashlight

Shotgun Flashlight For Sale On Internet

It is a mini mug-like light, but equipped with a shotgun feature. Absolutely love the bad guy (short)

No. 2: High-tech army dedicated wrist watch

'Dick Tracy' Video Wristwatch Developed

The size of the screen is about 3 inches and about 30 fps. The commander class of the military and the captain class can receive the images seen by other soldiers using the kore and issue orders. I do not know anymore which is a spy.

No. 1: Mobile phone gun

YouTube - Cell Phone Gun

You can see by watching the movie on the above page. A bullet is fired from the antenna part. By pressing buttons 5 to 8, you can shoot one by one. Well Spy is always a dangerous mission ....

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