49% of the world's MP3 players iPod

In the market of flash memory-based and hard disk-based MP3 players, 49% were actually Apple's iPods. The shipment volume in 2005 is estimated to reach 140 million units, which is expected to reach 286 million units in 2010.
Digital Media Europe: News - 49% of MP3 player owners own an Apple iPod? Survey

It is expected that the next iPod will make the entire screen an LCD monitor, all the buttons used for control will be virtual, that is, touch screen. In short, it is a video iPod.

As soon as it comes out, iTMS will also start selling high-resolution movies. In that case, the playing time will be more problematic than the price. If it is made on the premise of movie playback it will be necessary to keep playing for at least 3 hours. That would inevitably make it bigger, but it does not seem realistic when it comes to ... if you enlarge only the screen without increasing the size and further suppress the price .... However at the time of the appearance of the iPod it certainly was a product that overcame the defects of any MP3 player so far.

Watch how far iPod can make a breakthrough in the future.

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