30% of users have not taken security measures yet

Even 30% of them even do not know the existence of so-called definition file even for users who answered that they are implementing security measures .... It is already overly crowded.

It seems that there are many cases that it is probably not being done security measures or it has been automatically updated in the first year but leaves the meaning of warnings coming out at the next update unchanged What. In short it is safe, just installing security countermeasure software.

Better yet, maybe it would be better to forcibly update the virus-related security software by mandatory credit card number input at the time of installation? Will some people not come out ......
Trend Micro announces survey result of internet usage trend of general users ~ 84% of users have experienced nuisance while using the Internet ~

Since the number of effective responses is 3,971, which is a considerable number, it seems to be safe to think that it shows the current situation accurately.

With respect to the utilization rate of antivirus software / comprehensive security software (including trial version, monthly version, OEM bundle), approximately 1 in 3 users, security measures for Internet use by antivirus software / comprehensive security software It has become clear that it is not going.

Also, when I asked the users of antivirus software / comprehensive security software about recognition of pattern file * (definition file), which is very important in antivirus measures, the user who answered "I know the name and contents" Was 35%, which is low. Furthermore, when I asked about virus pattern software / integrated security software user and pattern file recognizer about update of pattern file, 48% of the users doing "automatic everyday" is less than half, lower than half.

Is it possible to raise the recognition rate to some extent by educating at school ...?

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